Take the Kids to Vegas? We Say Yes!


When we decided to go on a family vacation to Las Vegas, some of our family and friends were a bit confused. We like to do things differently, but this seemed like a bit too different for some people. They see this city as a place just for drinking and gambling, a haven for adults only. While this may have been the case years ago, plenty of hotels and entertainment venues have recently discovered the benefits of appealing to families. So why is Vegas such a great family destination? Keep reading to find out all the things your family can do in Las Vegas without even leaving the Strip!

The Food!


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Four Seasons Veranda Breakfast Buffet


Everyone knows that kids love to eat. That makes Las Vegas, with its grand buffets and over-the-top restaurants a child’s paradise. One of your best bets is the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. This massive buffet has hundreds of tasty food items to choose from, including some mouth-watering red velvet pancakes, which are very bit as good as they sound. The Le Village Buffet at the Las Vegas Paris Hotel is also a good choice for families. If you’ve ever wanted to try the heavenly French macaroon, you can do so here. I think our daughter ate her weight in these delicious confections (after finishing her dinner, of course).

Some of the restaurants even go above and beyond to please their youngest guests. Since we were staying at the Four Seasons, we ate at their breakfast buffet, the Veranda, several times. Not only were plenty of kid-friendly choices, like mini-donuts covered in chocolate and sprinkles, but the server brought out a coloring book and crayons for our daughter. This kept her occupied while we enjoyed our food.

There are tons of restaurants to appeal to every taste and budget in Las Vegas. If you can crave it, you can find it here. And even though our daughter was going through a picky eating stage at this time, we were able to find something that appealed to her at every restaurant we visited. We even got her to try some new items, such as sushi and crab legs, which are now her favorites!


Vegas Buffet

Seafood Buffet at Rio


The Hotels!



Flower Display at the Wynn


You could easily spend a day or two just enjoying the scenery inside some of Vegas’ fabulous hotels. We were totally amazed by the beautiful flower displays at the Wynn Hotel, and the Chihuly glass sculptures at the Bellagio were breathtaking, even to our six-year-old. Everything is just so big and well-done that kids and adults can’t help but be captivated by the decor. Most of the hotels along the Strip are worth walking through, and the best thing is that doing so is totally free.



Gondola Ride at the Venetian


But even if walking through hotel lobbies is not your thing, there’s plenty to do at some of these hotels. You can ascend a replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel for some great views of the Vegas Strip. Go for a gondola ride, accompanied by a singing gondolier, at the Venetian Hotel. Soak up some sea life at the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s Shark Reef Aquarium. Wild animals and birds are also on display at the Flamingo Hotel’s Wildlife Habitat and the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel.

If your kids are older and want more thrills, you can ride the Big Apple Coaster at the New York New York Hotel or ride one of several thrill rides at the Stratosphere. There’s even an indoor amusement park, called the Adenturedome, located at the Circus Circus Hotel, where the whole family can enjoy riding rides and playing midway-style games.

The Shows!


Love Show

The Beatles’ Love Show


Yes, there are plenty of adult-oriented shows in Vegas that you would never bring a child to. But there is also a plethora of family-friendly shows- so many, in fact, that in our week-long trip we could not see them all.

Our daughter had become enamored of Cirque de Soleil after seeing their La Nouba show at Walt Disney World. Going to Las Vegas was a real treat then because they had five kid-appropriate shows we could go to. Our favorite as a family was the Love show, featuring music by the Beatles, which plays at the Mirage. Not only was it a great performance that managed to keep our daughter entranced throughout, but it was fun because she recognized many of the songs. Other awesome Cirque shows we recommend are Ka at the MGM Grand, Mystere at Treasure Island, and at the Bellagio.

You aren’t limited to French Canadian circus acts either. We had a blast at the Tournament of Kings dinner show the Excalibur Hotel. This was similar to a Medieval Times show, but we found it more entertaining. For animal-loving kiddos, Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater (located at the V Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops) is a great choice. You can even catch a performance of the famous Blue Man Group at the Luxor Hotel.

Even if you don’t want to pay to watch a performance, there are plenty of free shows in Vegas, too. You can watch the incredible fountains at the Bellagio, see a volcano erupt in front of the Mirage Hotel, or catch circus performances at (you guessed it) Circus Circus.

The Shopping!

Caesar's Palace Shops

Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

Even if your kids hate going to the mall, they will probably beg you to take them back Las Vegas’ shopping centers. These aren’t your typical shopping malls and stores.

Your little candy-lovers will be certain to enjoy a visit to the M&M’s World Store. This is a four-story shop dedicated to the popular candy, where you can find every color and variation of M&M’s and plenty of related merchanise. If that’s not enough chocolate for you, there is also a Hershey’s Chocolate World, a giant store where you can customize your own chocolate bars and see a scultpure of the Statue of Liberty made out of 800 pounds of chocolate.

You can make the whole family happy when you visit one of Vegas’ famous shopping malls. The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace is a must-see. You can probably bribe your kids to let you indulge in some luxury shopping after you let them see the super-cool Fall of Atlantis animatronic show. There’s also a giant 50,000 gallon aquarium to enjoy, along with plenty of architecture that you won’t see in your hometown mall.

What would a shopping haven be without toy stores? Vegas has its share of these as well. Head over to Fashion Show Mall for perennial favorites, The Disney Store, and The LEGO Store. For something a little different, check out Houdini’s Magic Shop at the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort. If you can’t manage to find what you’re looking for at any of these stores, the various gift shops at many of the major hotels often have great souvenirs for kids, including toys and games.

What Are You Waiting For?

This is just a partial list of things to do on a family vacation to Las Vegas. All of these things are located on or very near the famed Las Vegas Strip. There is a wealth of attractions, restaurants and shopping located throughout the city. There are also some pretty cool day trips you can take, including visits to the Hoover Dam and some incredible national parks.

Though we did see some slot machines and gaming tables while walking through the hotels, we did not gamble a single penny on our trip, and our daughter barely seemed to notice the gambling since she was too busy looking at other things. Since we didn’t stay out very late (our latest night was probably 10:30pm), we also did not see any of the wild partying you often associate with the city. Honestly, we didn’t see anything that would scar a child’s innocence and nothing shocking that you would not see on an ordinary day in any other major city.

So, if you’ve wanted to go to Vegas to enjoy some of its non-gambling activities, we heartily recommend taking your kids. You’ll have a great time, and you’ll most likely spend less money than you would have if you visited the gaming tables.


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