A Kid’s Eye View of the City of Paris

Hey everybody! It’s Bella again, back for another post. Last time, I told you all about the fun things for kids to do at Disneyland Paris. Today, I’m going to tell you all about the best things I did in the city of Paris itself. Most of these are things that you might not think about doing, but I promise that most kids will love them.

1. Marche aux Fleurs et Oiseaux

Paris Flower Market

Check out these beautiful flowers!

In English, this is the Flower and Bird Market. It’s an outdoor market, located pretty close to Notre Dame. Like its name says, this is a market that sells mostly flowers and birds.

The flowers are really pretty, but I really liked the animals. They had lots of birds, and one of the vendors had a cute live mouse wearing a bandana and a dandelion. He was a pet, though, and was not for sale.

They also had other cool things for sale besides flowers and birds. There were some perfumes and lotions that I got to try that smelled really good. But my favorite thing was a stand that sold little music boxes. You could test them out to see if you liked the music. They had a wide variety of songs, such as Disney songs, classical music, and even a Beatles’ song.

I’m sad I didn’t get to bring home a bird, but I really enjoyed walking around. By the way, the birds are only in the market on Sundays, but the flowers are always there.

2. Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Shakespeare and Co. Paris

The best bookstore in Paris

I really like to read, so I wanted to tell you about this awesome bookstore that sells English books. It’s also close to Notre Dame.

If you are a bookworm, you will love this place. They have so many books and a cool kid’s corner with a reading area, so you can look at the books before you decide which one to buy. After you buy a book, they stamp it so you will always remember where you bought it. They also give you a bookmark.

Even if you don’t like reading, you’ll like their cafe. They have the BEST smoothies in Paris, and they change the flavors every day. My favorite was a mango/orange/banana/mint smoothie. They have all kinds of snacks, too.

This bookstore also sells used books. Some are in the cafe, and the rest are outside if the weather is nice.

3. Centre Pompidou

This terrace at the Pompidou felt like a fairy tale land

When my mom said we were going to another museum, I was a little worried. I was still tired from visiting the Louvre the day before. But this art museum was way better than I expected.

First, there is a really awesome kids play area called the Galeries Enfants. You get to build your own creations out of weird foam shapes. Then, you can find some of those shapes in the paintings and sculptures when you’re walking around the museum. It’s fun to spend about an hour here.

Most of the art we looked at was pretty interesting, but the best stuff was on the outdoor terraces. They had trees, pools, neat sculptures, and really good views of Paris. It was a good place to sit down and relax, and some of them made me feel like I was in a fantasy land.

4. Crepe Stands of Paris

Paris Crepe Stands

This Nutella and banana crepe was awesome!

Time for some sweetness! There are crepe stands all over Paris, and they are all good. Try as many different flavors as you can. You just walk up to the stand and order. You can even watch them making the crepes from batter.

There are both sweet and savory crepes, but I like the sweet ones best. Anything with Nutella was epic. You can get Nutella by itself, or with strawberries or bananas. The sugar and lemon crepe was also pretty good. If you can’t eat nuts, then try a sugar crepe or one with strawberry jam. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Berthillon’s Ice Cream

Berthillon's Paris

I bet I can eat both of these ice cream cones!

This is a really old ice cream maker in Paris. They have stands all over the Ile St. Louis, and lots of restaurants sell their ice cream, too. Make sure it’s real Berthillon’s, though.

We ate it from a stand next to a restaurant on the Ile St. Louis. They have lots of interesting flavors. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s the creamiest ice cream you’ll ever taste! I really liked the mango sorbet, and my mom liked the caramel and ginger. They also have flavors like lavander, honey nougat, and raspberry-rose sorbet. Try them all! You can get at least three scoops per cone!

There was so much to see in Paris, but these are the things you might miss if you didn’t know about them. If you want to keep your kids happy, be sure not to visit these places. They may seem small, but they will make your vacation special.

If you want to read about all the other kid-friendly stuff to do in Paris, check out my mom’s articles here and here.

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