Hello! We are the Berry-Alldredge family, and we’d like to welcome you to our blog.

What You’ll Find On This Blog

As avid world travelers for the past eleven years, we’d like to share with you all our tips and tricks to make your travels exciting and stress-free. We also hope to inspire you to visit all the awesome places we’ve discovered. We can usually help you save some money, too!

As residents of Orlando, Florida, we are expert Disney and Universal travelers. We know most of the tips you need to make your Disney vacation affordable and fun, and we don’t mind sharing our knowledge with you! We also regularly review theme park rides, attractions, and restaurants to help you make your vacation plans.

This blog is about more than travel, though. We’ll share our favorite parenting and family tips, tasty recipes, and product reviews, too. Everything we write about will be thoroughly tested and honestly reviewed, so you can trust you are getting our real opinion.

If there is a product, location, or theme park experience you would like us to write about, please contact us. We’d love to have your suggestions!

Who We Are


Kamie Berry

Kamie Berry

Kamie¬†Berry is a freelance writer and blogger. She is the primary author on this site. Two years ago, she quit her full-time job to devote more time to writing and traveling. When she’s not traveling with Jack and Bella, she’s visiting local Florida attractions to write about and photograph. She is also an avid reader, who is always looking for great book suggestions.





Jack Alldredge

Jack Alldredge

Jack Alldredge is We’ll Do it Our Way’s tech expert. Whenever something breaks on the website, he fixes it. He is also a business consultant and the main contributor of “techie” product reviews on this blog.







Bella is the youngest member of the family, having joined it in 2008. When she’s not at school, Bella loves going to Disney World and traveling. She’s also learning how to use a “fancy” camera so she can help with photography for the website someday.







Pinki is the only furry member of the Berry-Alldredge family. She is a German Shepherd who also loves to travel whenever she can. If the car door is open, she will jump in. Pinki also loves belly rubs, dog biscuits, and barking at birds. Look for pictures of her in our pet travel features.



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